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Our forest

According to WHO, a person consumes 320 litres of O2/day.
22 trees produce 320 litres of O2/day. In the estate, the forest is in the Brondo, 22,000 healthy trees that give life to approximately 1090 people.


Solar panel

In Son Brondo every year we stop emitting 20 tons of CO2.
A reduction in energy consumption of 21,000 kW/year.


Our spring water

A truck emits approximately 158 gr of CO2 per kilometre. Son Brondo saves 91 trucks of water per year (each truck carries 20 t of water)
Each journey (back and forth) is 40 km. In Son Brondo annually we stop emitting 515.120 gr of CO2= 222.03 litres of CO2= 0.2 t of CO2.

Son Brondo has a natural supply of spring water from the spring sources that rest in the surrounding mountains of Valldemossa. A source of mineral water stored in deep underground galleries dating from the Arab period on the island, and which after centuries in the same family have been adapted to new modern times.

One example is the historical constructions dating from the 16th century as the vaulted arch built with the heraldic shield of the family, likewise as is the new process of reverse osmosis water, giving to our customers the greatest purity for the tasting of mineral water and sparkling water.

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