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Exclusive trekking at Finca Son Brondo

Exclusive trekking at Finca Son Brondo

The excursion starts from the second road to the right, leaving the main Son Brondo’s gate that gives access to the asphalted road. In this way you will reach a first barrier on the left hand side, which is locked.

Therefore, the guests who wish to make this excursion will be provided with the keys. This barrier should be closed again as there are loose animals. After 50 meters there is another barrier, but it is open. Along the way customers can enjoy some of the last vestiges of the coal and lime industry, through ethnological constructions, lime kilns, cabins for the charcoal makers, barracks, bread ovens as well as springs and their respective pipelines.

Many of them already dating from the arab period. All surrounded by representative mediterranean forest with its own flora and fauna in which stand out oaks, millenary olive trees, spanish ibex, raptors, reptiles, rodents or small mammals like rabbits. This landscape is fully protected and recently declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

At the end of the excursion you will reach Sa Font dels Òbits. It is a spectacular fountain with a ‘grotto’ construction, covered by a barrel vault and built by the Alemany family (ancestors of the present owners) in the 16th century. Inside the cabin are two stoups (òbits) on top of each other to separate water for human consumption and for animals. The water of one falls on the other.

The stoups are made of stone and have important lime leaks which indicates the hardness of this water. In the center of the stoups rises a column with a Virgin with the baby Jesus in her arms. On the column there is a coat of arms with the name of the Alemany family. Just behind the Virgin there is a natural mine with access forming a vaulted arch that turns to the left and only a meter and a half away it is the spring.

Important: It takes 20 minutes to go and 20 to come back. Sports shoes are recommended.

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