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Area of the finca

SON BRONDO is located in the valley of Valldemossa, only 2 kilometres from the village of Valldemossa, 25 minutes from the airport and acces roads and 15 minutes from the city of Palma.

SON BRONDO has two accesses: a paved road leading off the Palma-Valldemossa road to the left at kilometre 14.300, near the bridge over a torrent – 150 metres down the paved road is SON BRONDO, the third farm on the right.

The other entrance is an unpaved road at kilometre 15.200 of the Palma-Valldemossa road which crosses the estate.

Total area:117 ha
Garden area:1500 m²
House area: 1000 m²


At Finca Son Brondo we have a small herd of donkeys composed by eight females and one male. Their role is essential for the place, as they represent the traditional majorcan country field, and most importantly they clean the forest and avoid fires risks during summer season. Our guests can see them every evening as they come down from the mountains to the watering place next the house in order to refresh themselves.


Throughout the Tramuntana’s moutain range, 65 of the 97 endemics described in the Balearic islands are conserved as well as 65 of the 68 endemic plants of Mallorca. The isolation of this mountain range has allowed the emergence of unique forms of life in the world. For example only nine species of orchids and more than a dozen species of ferns live in this mountains and nowhere else in the world.

Broadly, the vegetation of the Tramuntana’s mountain range which can be contemplated in our forest is organized in four plant communities:

Balearic holm oak. The forest community that would occupy most of the territory in conditions of human non-intervention. The location of this forest is reduced and has two subassociations: the mountain holm oak and the lowland and coastal areas.

Garrigue of wild olive. Plant formation typical of warm zones that predominates in the lower levels. It appears as a consequence of the conditions of maximum drought that do not allow the development of the holm oak. This garrigue gave rise to the expansion of the olive tree, its agricultural variety.

Calcareous scrub. Its two representative shrubs are rosemary and heather. It is verified the presence of a covering of pine carrasco. The pine forest has its own entity, and is the most extensive tree formation, thanks to its rapid growth and opportunism.

Balearic pine communities. They are developed especially in lands where the force of the wind or the absence of soil avoid the development of other communities. Its presence is mainly concentrated on mountain top. It is characterized by being a very low formation, with spinous plants of rounded forms (bearings), with discontinuous settlements and low coverage.

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