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Son Brondo spring water

Font dels Obits

Our guests can enjoy a beautiful excursion inside our property and cool off with their high mineralization water. It is a spectacular fountain with a grotto-like construction, with a half-point roof which is on the path to Son Pacs inside our property, built by our ancestors in the 16th century.

Our guests can enter the fountain and cool down with their water that pours into two pikes, one on top of the other, to separate the human consumption from the animal.

In the center of the pikes stands a column with the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus in her arms as well as the heraldic shield of our family.

Just behind the virgin there is a small natural mine from where the water comes, to which, for security reasons, entry is prohibited.

Font de na Capelleta

Our guests can enjoy the water of Islamic origin in their rooms and in the pool from one of the sources of the Finca. A source of mineral water coming directly from the mountains through a process of osmosis, giving to our clients the finest quality of mineral water and sparkling water.This source is known as Font de Na Capelleta.

It is a mine source built with “Qanat” system in the Arab period in Mallorca. Made of dry stone with a mouth of ogival profile, with a parabolic section gallery of 30 meters deep.

Our clients can contemplate the gallery that is parallel to the left of the stream in the middle of the path between the houses and the other source Font dels òbits, however, for reasons of security entrance is prohibited.

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